Taiwanese Ginger Honey Recipe


Every time I came over my Taiwanese friend Ruby’s house, she would serve tea or even just plain water in the mornings with a tablespoon of this ginger honey mixture in it. To be consumed in the mornings, ginger honey is great for the health as well as for dieting. Ruby’s sister Jaslyn shared with me this wonderful recipe while she was visiting us. The amount of the ingredients depends on your taste: if you prefer a stronger, spicier mix, add more ginger, if you have a sweet tooth, add more honey, or more lemon if you like lemon.



2 lemons, to taste

ginger — one or two 2-inch medium to small size pieces, to taste

1 lb solid, raw honey, to taste

First, peel the ginger and cut up into chunks.


Next, cut the lemon as shown and quarter it.

IMG_8464Peel the lemon and cut up into chunks.


Put honey, lemon and ginger into a container and store in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.


Take out of the refrigerator and blend.

IMG_8470 IMG_8467

Add to warm water or warm tea in the mornings, about a teaspoon to a tablespoon, according to taste. Very simple yet very beneficial!

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