Date and Nut Balls


These are an extremely healthy snack made out of dried dates and nuts. They’re fairly easy to make, and have many variations. You can pick your favorite nuts to put in. My sister ate them right up. Even our dog Yoshi wanted some. (But do not feed to your pet! 🙂 )

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! October is almost upon us! Good thing it’s not too cold outside yet, but it’s getting there! These are a perfect fall snack. Just pack away in a little container and eat during a break in your day, as a snack!


You need:

2 cups dates, chopped. They actually sell them chopped in large supermarkets, but if you can’t find them pre-chopped, just chop them yourself. The pieces don’t have to be that small, just small enough to blend well!

2 cups nuts. Here I used one cup cashews and one cup pistachios, which are some of my favorite nuts. Feel free to add 2 cups of whatever you like, from hazelnuts, to walnuts, to pine nuts.

A little bit (maybe a teaspoon) of cinnamon. This is optional.

Coconut flakes. Just pour a little bit (half a cup) to roll the balls in to give them a nice coating. If you’re not a big fan of coconut, you can either skip this step, or add an extra bit of nuts to the food processor, grind them, and use that as a coating.


First, add the nuts, dates, and cinnamon to the food processor. Make sure it is all evenly mixed, because if it is not, it will not form a proper paste for the balls. Blend in the food processor (or blender).

Take out the resulting paste and take a small portion of it (about 2 tablespoons, but make them as big or as small as you’d like), and roll the portion between your palms until it forms a ball.

After making a bunch of these, roll them in the coconut or ground nuts to form a coating.


And there you have it! Healthy and delicious!

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