Cabbage and Sausage Dish



My dad used to make this all the time. If you want, you can substitute the sausage for one pound of pork, cut it up and pan fry it. 🙂 … I had sausage on hand, so I made that. Also, if you want, you can use one half of a cabbage and some sauerkraut. Use one whole cabbage if you want a less meaty texture. I decided to make two recipes today — the lemon bar recipe to be posted soon!! Let me know if you have any suggestions.


The ingredients that you need are:

One whole, or 1/2 of a cabbage (it depends on how meaty you want it)

1 pound of sausage or of pork

4 small carrots, or 2 big ones

1 onion

3 cups water

2 tsp salt (or more to taste ) for the cabbage


Cut up the sausage into little medalions. Start up a pan, heat it up a little bit, then, put the sausage right in. Fry it at first on medium-high heat, and then lower the heat to low.








Cut up the onion and put it into the sausage in the frying pan. Make sure to stir often. Fry both for about 45 minutes. Cut into a sausage piece to see if it’s still pink inside. If it’s all evenly cooked through, it’s done! 😀











In the meantime, cut out the cabbage core. You can eat it! My dad used to say that it’s the best part of the cabbage. Then, dice up the cabbage, and put in a separate pan with high sides.

IMG_7911 IMG_7917

Next, peel and shred the carrots. Put into the cabbage, put in about 2 teaspoons of salt (or more to taste) and cook for about 20 minutes.


Once both are done cooking, mix in the cabbage with the sausage and onion. If the cabbage is too watery, drain it in a colander.

IMG_7930And that is it! Enjoy in your favorite dish set!



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