Russian Pod Shuba Salad

When we were little, our dad would make Pod Shuba Salad, which literally means in Russian under the fur coat. We used to love this salad, made on special occasions. It incorporates seledka, which is a salty fish sold in Russian, Ukranian, and Polish stores. You can substitute cooked fish, but to get the true slavic taste, it’s best to add seledka. Although apple is not usually included, our grandmother used to add in one layer of raw apple to the mix.


Feel free to double the following ingredients if you want more than one layer, like I did.

You need:

3-5 potatoes

3-5 beets

1 onion (raw)

4 eggs

one seledka, in filets

1 apple (raw)


peas or dill (for decoration)

First, boil the potatoes, eggs, and beets. The beets can take up to an hour and a half to boil so be careful. The potatoes should take 20 minutes to boil, and the eggs 10 minutes. Cut up the onion very, very small. Don’t grind the onion as this causes a bitter taste.

Next, using a grater grate the salad in layers that start with, from the bottom:
1st layer: potato

then: onion

then: seledka or fish (cut this one up into very, very small pieces)

then: beets

then: eggs

then: apple

then mayo.

If you decided to make more than one layer, repeat this process, only this time without the apple. I found that two layers were enough, but if you’re doing really fine layers, then repeat, without the apple, until you run out of ingredients or until you reach a desired thickness of salad.



As you can see, I made some Pod Shuba with some blini, which you can see earlier in my blog!



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