This recipe makes enough empanadas for a party, for at least five people with leftovers. My sister’s boyfriend’s family is Colombian and made these empanadas over the course of an evening. I tagged along to take pictures and take down ingredients. I hope that you like these little potato-meat pies! They’re worth the trouble to make!

First, you need:

1 bag of potatoes, about 5 pounds

About 5 pounds of ground beef

2+ onions

5+ cloves of garlic

Adobo and Triguisar spice

For the dough:

1 package 100% corn flour (about 2 pounds)

3 spoons starch 

About 5+ bowls of water

3 spoonfulls of sugar


First, peel, halve, and boil the potatoes in water for about 20 minutes, or until a fork can go through a potato easily.


In the meantime, empty the corn flour into a pan and put 3 large soup spoons of starch into the flour. Mix together.


Next, add Adobo to the flour mix. Then, add about 5 bowls of water to it, starting to knead the dough once it gets malleable enough. Feel free to add more water if the mixture is not doughy enough.


Place about 3 spoonfulls of sugar on the dough and knead again.


Add some oil to a large skillet, and put the meat in it along with some Adobo and Triguisar over medium-high heat. Cook, making sure to stir constantly.


Puree about 2 onions and 5 cloves of garlic in a blender or food processor, and add to cook with the meat mixture. Make sure to taste the meat and to add more Adobo (or salt if you don’t have any), onions, and garlic to the mix.


Once the meat is nice and brown throughout, drain it through a colander.


Once they’re done, mash the potatoes together with a potato masher. Add the meat, once that’s done too, to the potatoes and mix together. IMG_1335

Next, put plastic wrap (you can cut up zip lock bags) around an empanada mold and grease it with oil. Make small balls of dough of about an inch in diameter by rolling the dough between your two palms.  Place the dough in the mold and close. If you don’t have a mold you can use a rolling pin to roll the dough into a smooth circle. Or use two cutting boards to smash the ball of dough together until it’s a smooth round.


Next, using a large glass, cut the dough into a rounder shape by pressing the mouth of the glass or cup downwards on top of the dough into the table. Take the round slice of dough, put the rest of the dough (the edges that are uneven of the dough) with the big ball of dough, and fill the round with the potato-meat mixture, leaving a little space on the outside of the meat. Pinch the edges closed around the meat mixture and set aside.


This is what the raw empanadas look like.


We used an electric fryer. You fill it up with oil, plug it in, and put the empanadas inside to cook. You can also use a large heavy soup pan where you would similarly fill it up with enough oil to accommodate half a dozen empanadas. Boil the oil first, then put in the raw empanadas, and cook until crispy and light brown.


This is what the empanadas look like cooked. Mmmm, they look good.


We hope that you like them!


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