Blini or Russian Crepes

IMG_7298Blini or Russian Crepes

Our dad used to make these on special weekends. Blini are very thin pancakes. You can make them any size, from very small to bigger, cooked on a bigger pan. Our dad used to make them big. You can eat them with just about anything. There are salty blini, with caviar and sour cream, or the sweet ones made here, with ricotta cheese, berries, and honey.

First, you need:


2 Cups milk

3 eggs

1 cup flour

1 teaspoon sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

a bit of canola or olive oil

First thing you need to do, is mix together the eggs with the sugar and salt.


Next, add 1 cup of milk and mix.


Add 1 cup of flour and mix until it looks like smetana, or sour cream.


Finally, add 1 more cup of milk and mix well.

Meanwhile, heat up the pan. You can use any type of pan, or you can even cook in two pans at the same time. It is key that the pans are well heated.

Add some butter.

Next, ladle in the batter.

IMG_7137 IMG_7146

Cook, checking underneath the blini to see that it’s golden brown, then flip over once and cook a little bit more until both sides are golden brown.


Take out of the pan and put on a plate. Put butter on the top part so that the blini don’t stick together.


Repeat by buttering the pan and ladling the batter into the pan, flipping over when ready. Make sure to stir the batter in between, as the heavier parts in it tend to settle towards the bottom.

You can either fill them with your favorite filling, rolling them up, or folding them in half, or just eating them as is with the filling on top. Here, we have one with ricotta and berries and honey placed on top.


Here the ricotta fills the blini, with raspberries and honey drizzled on top.


Here is a happy raspberry that we liked…. Enjoy!


Photography by Faina Dookh

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