Kotleti or Russian Burgers

IMG_6957Kotleti or Russian Burgers

1-2 lbs ground beef, pork, veal, chicken, or a mixture of these

1 medium onion

1 egg

some wheat bread (about 2 cup’s worth and more as you need it)

milk (about 2 Tablespoons) or water

one potato

butter or, to be healthier, olive oil

This is a simple dinner dish to make. It would go well with some mashed potatoes or with some grechka (buckwheat or Russian oatmeal). It was a great favorite in my family’s home!

To start, shred the potato (raw) and the onion into a big bowl.  Be carefull not to put too much onion or the mixture will tend to fall apart. Add the meat and egg. Grate about one cup’s worth of wheat bread on a shredder, or pulse through a food processor. Soak the bread in some milk. Take the bread out of the milk and put it into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Mix well together.

Shred the rest of the bread using a food processor or a grater and put onto a plate. Meanwhile, heat some butter or some olive oil in a big frying pan on low heat. Take the meat mixture and shape into oval patties. I like to make mine thinner because then they cook faster and have less of a tendency to burn. Roll the patties in the breadcrumbs, rolling them twice if need be.

Place the patties on the frying pan once you’ve bread-crumbed enough and cook on one side for about 5 minutes, and on the next side for about 3 to 5 minutes. Set aside, and cook the next batch. And then you’re all set! Enjoy! 😀

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